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Drawing upon our collective experience of nearly 100 years, we excel in diverse domains, including Data Science, Financial Modelling, Financial Issues, Regulatory Economics, Research and Data Analysis, Economic and Consultation Analysis.

Our seasoned team is adept at leveraging this extensive knowledge to offer clients unparalleled expertise. Our commitment is to furnish clients with optimal advice and deliverables, ensuring the successful execution of projects within the defined scope. With a rich history of accomplishments, we stand poised to elevate your endeavors to new heights.

Programming Console

Data Science

Our Data Science service is your go-to for all advanced data analytics, including machine learning, predictive modelling, and data mining. We specialize in providing actionable insights to aid in your decision-making process. Let us help you turn your data into a valuable asset for your business.

Our team of experts has years of experience in data analysis, predictive modelling, and machine learning, and we’re committed to delivering results that drive growth and success.

Canary Wharf London


We can provide support with financial management and management accounting issues. We can help with audits, corporate governance and corporate finance principles.

We can help clients understand the impact of financial assumptions within company business plans or investment proposals and link the issues to theory and precedent. For example, we can provide independent scrutiny of assumptions regarding: inflation; gearing; cost of debt; cost of equity; risk; and cost forecasting.


Financial Modelling In Excel

Our modeling services are tailored to elevate your business through meticulous review and audit processes. We specialize in optimizing, documenting, and simplifying existing models, ensuring they align seamlessly with your objectives. Our dedicated team delivers comprehensive solutions, including user guides, model extensions, improvements, and scenario building.

We excel in crafting diverse models, spanning project finance, corporate finance, mergers, analytics, business plans, regulatory finance, and risk/return models. Entrust us to refine your financial landscape and drive success through precision and innovation in modeling.

Economic Analysis​

We can provide support with economic analysis and impact  assessments. We can help with forecasting, demand planning  and economic modeling.

Our services also encompass precise forecasting, strategic demand planning, and sophisticated economic modeling. We empower clients to navigate market complexities, optimize resources, and devise resilient strategies. With our expertise, businesses can proactively adapt to dynamic economic landscapes, ensuring a competitive edge and sustained success.

Research and Data Analysis​

We provide services involving Data analysis,​ Data sourcing and leaning along with​ Research and report writing​ as well as

Analytical support for public policy development​

Beyond our fundamental services, we excel in crafting tailored solutions to address your specific requirements. From navigating market trends to custom data solutions and innovative policy approaches, we are dedicated to delivering excellence. 


Consultation Analysis​

We can provide support with consultation regarding optimizing your day to day activities and streamline a workflow for you to follow.

In addition to optimizing your daily activities, our consultation services extend to comprehensive workflow analysis, ensuring a tailored approach to enhance efficiency. We specialize in identifying bottlenecks, implementing time-saving strategies, and recommending innovative solutions to streamline your operations.

Government Office

Regulatory Economics

We can help with regulatory issues and associated policy, including, the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), credit ratings and financeability tests, cost assessments, business plans and cost reporting.

We can review investment proposals and conduct investment appraisals. 

We have experience in regulatory appeals and disputes.


For well defined assignments we can provide a fixed price quote.

In circumstances where we are not able to help, we can, based on your requirements, recommend another specialist consultant. We can also work alongside other consultants such as engineers or lawyers, as part of a joint venture, where our skills are complementary to theirs.

We can provide interim team members to be embedded within your organisation.

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