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PJ McCloskey, Director

PJ has worked with regulated companies, regulators and government bodies throughout the UK & Ireland, including: a gas distribution company; a gas supply company; an electricity supply company; electricity network owners; water network owners; the Utility Regulator; Ofgem; Ofwat; Heathrow Airport Ltd; NATS ltd; the Civil Aviation Authority; and the Department for Transport.


PJ specialises in financial issues including: the cost of capital; financeability; credit ratings; financial modelling; cost reporting; and business plans. PJ has excellent communication and team-working skills.

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Brendan McAreavey, Associate Director

Brendan has twenty years' experience across a range of public and private sector organisations, with a demonstrated history and specialism in the energy and management consultancy industries. 


Brendan has worked for Viridian Power and Energy, The Utility Regulator, NIE Networks and Ofgem as well as extensive consulting roles in Local and Central Government. 


Brendan is an expert in financial modelling, model validation, VBA and power query and specialises in the design and build of financial models in Excel from first principles.

Pam Liu, Associate Director

Pam is a former investment banker turned consultant & entrepreneur. Pam has spent eight years in utilities M&A, first with with Citigroup, then in-house with National Grid plc, where she led valuation exercises for network peers and worked on the majority stake sale of National Grid's gas distribution networks (now Cadent Gas). Pam is involved in a number of Elexon workgroups, particularly on the topics of electricity market sandbox and behind-meter settlements. 


Pam specialises in financial issues including: mergers, the cost of capital; financeability; credit ratings; financial modelling; cost reporting; and business plans. Pam has an excellent work-eithic and entrepreneurial skills. 

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Alex Wiseman, Associate Director

Alex has thirty years regulated utility experience across water, electricity and gas, spanning the whole supply chain.  He was Head of strategy for an electricity and water network, and Regulation Director for a gas network.  Alex has worked with regulated companies, regulators and government bodies throughout the UK & Ireland and he is now on the Board of a utility regulator and an energy retailer. Alex has experience in mergers & acquisitions and in undertaking due diligence for purchasers.


Alex has experience across price controls, finance, cost of capital, compliance, incentive mechanisms and strategy. He is skilled in leading teams, project management and in Board presentations.

Shane Curran, Associate Director

Shane is an experienced business analyst and finance professional, with 10 years’ experience in the banking, insurance, and financial services industries, in some of the largest financial services companies in Australasia.


Shane has led projects on: financial modelling; price control policy; and consultation response analysis. 

Shane has reviewed financial models and revenue calculations from: the Australian Energy Regulator (AER); the energy networks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE); District Energy models in the UK (BEIS); and the Gas Market Operator (GMO) in Northern Ireland.


Shane is experienced in regulatory analysis, finance and workflow enhancement. He is skilled in leading teams, project management and regulatory support.

Phil Wee, Analyst

Phil is an aspiring data analyst with experience in analytics, innovation, and computer science, and a keen interest in economics, finance, and data analysis. He is currently completing a BS in Computer Science and Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi. He also holds a Google Data Analytics Professional certification. Phil has previously led the NEXT Lab, an innovation organization that teaches web and mobile development and competitive programming in a variety of programming languages (Python, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Java).


Phil is experienced in data analysis, economic analysis and software development. He is skilled in conducting research, leading innovation and crafting analysis.

Taimur Hassan, Analyst

Taimur is an aspiring finance professional with experience in financial analysis, equity research, and investments, and a keen interest in investment analysis, economics, and finance. ​He is  currently completing a BA in Economics at New York University Abu Dhabi and has recently attended the Business Bridge Programme at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He also holds a Bloomberg Market Concepts certification.​ He currently serves as an Equity Research Analyst for the NYUAD Student Investment Fund.​ He has recently provided research on UAE WACC, UAE inflation and benchmarking electricity transmission networks in the UK with UAE (Transco).​


Taimur is experienced in finance, investment analysis and economic analysis. He is skilled in financial presentations, research and benchmarking analysis. Taimur has a passion for the following programmes: Excel, Bloomberg Terminal, R, PowerPoint, STATA and StarRez.

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Rithy Thorn, Analyst

Rithy is an aspiring finance professional with experience in project management and research, and a keen interest in data analysis, economics, and finance.

Rithy was the lead analyst on a complex data sourcing and analysis project for The Insolvency Service (UK). This involved leading a dispersed team of data analysts, and providing quality assurance reviews on the built database. Rithy has recently collaborated in research projects analysing the financial performance of multi-national energy companies. 


R, Intermediate Proficiency; Stata, Bloomberg, Intermediate Proficiency; Office Suite; Google Suite

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Faraz Zafar, Analyst

Faraz is an aspiring data analyst with experience in analytics, research, and finance, a keen interest in economics and data analysis.

Faraz has held Research Assistant positions at NYU Abu Dhabi, working on large-scale specialized research projects in the Labour and Development Economics area, particularly related to labor markets and employment, wage differentials, female labor force, and education.


Faraz is specialized in various computer programs including:

  • LaTex - for document analysis, processing, and preparation

  • Stata – for data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting

  • ArcGIS – for exploring, visualizing, mapping, and analysing data

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Gopal Gupta, Consultant

Gopal is an experienced financial modeller, with experience in the energy and renewable, health, media, and waste sectors. Gopal previously worked for the Infrastructure Advisory team at KPMG's Center of Excellence.

Gopal has also recently worked on high-profile public consultation and data analysis projects for the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (UK) and the Climate Change Committee. On these projects, Gopal led the creation and maintenance of databases to support required data analysis and report drafting.


CFA - Level 2 (Chartered Financial Analyst) · VBA Programming · Corporate Finance · Business Strategy · Project Finance · Fundraising · Financial Modeling · Project finance modelling · Valuations modelling · Data Visualization

Jais Johnson Kattoor, Analyst

Jais is an aspiring finance professional with experience in project coordination, data analysis, and econometric modelling.  Jais has completed a BA in Economics and Finance with a minor in Applied Mathematics from New York University Abu Dhabi. 

Jais has interned at Lulu Capital Limited as a financial services intern and has assisted in analyzing and implementing supply chain finance solutions to improve working capital management. Jais also served as an accounting intern at Corodex Industries, Dubai.


Bloomberg certification (University of Illinois) · Python · Data Analysis · Business Strategy · Econometric Modelling · Stata · R Programming

Rameez Jacobs_edited.png
Rameez Jacobs, Manager

Rameez is a strategic and end-goal focused Project Manager with the ability to steer and organize the planning of projects and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams to drive the vision and achieve set goals.


Rameez has over 8 years of experience in marketing projects with core competencies in project management, stakeholder liaison, business analytics, budget management, and operational excellence. He has been acknowledged for being a subject matter expert on all matters pertaining to risk management and mitigation, scope/process management, and the planning, management, and implementation of strategic projects. He is highly skilled in effective negotiations, engaging with key stakeholders to build up new partnerships and resolve conflicts.


Project Management · Process Improvement · Budget Management · Risk Management · Jira · Risk Analysis · Stakeholder Management · Business Strategy

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Sergei Balashov, CFA, Senior Consultant

Sergei is an experienced analyst with a proven track record of building complex financial and economic models for various projects he managed and contributed to. His work has delivered tangible outcomes, bringing value and results for organizations of varying industries and sizes. Sergei has worked at BASF, Emerald Operating Partners, Pacific Green Technologies, Storelectric and Argus.


CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) · VBA Programming · R Programming · Bloomberg · Eikon · Quantitative Analysis · Fixed Income Analysis · Binomial models · Commodity Analysis 

Mohammed Aman Mujeeb, Data Scientist

Aman is a diligent Data Science professional with a focus on innovative solutions, having completed impactful internships and projects. At Ernst & Young, Aman streamlined data cleaning processes with a Python automation script and created an unsupervised learning model to classify countries based on investment statistics. At Andromeda 360, Aman developed a chatbot using OpenAI (LLM) via the LangChain framework for data analysis and inquiries. Aman also served as a teaching assistant, contributing to the training of 15 Data Scientists in a mini bootcamp, during the previous internship at Andromeda 360.

Aman's project experience includes the development of algorithms for trading options, energy forwards, and ETFs while efficiently managing liquidity using tick data in the RotmanInternational Trading Competition.

Aman's expertise extends to optimizing a portfolio of five diverse ETFs by assigning weights using a selection criterion in the Genetic Algorithms for Portfolio Construction project. 


Machine Learning · Python Programming · R Programming · GenAi · Econometrics · Quantitative Analysis · Fixed Income Analysis · Option Pricing · Credit Risk · SQL · Time Series · LLM · Portfolio Management 


Madhurima is a Data Science professional with a strong background in Statistical Machine Learning and Deep Learning, dedicated to solving data-driven challenges. Madhurima's academic journey includes post-graduate studies and involvement in research projects, demonstrating a commitment to advancing knowledge in data science.


Professionally, Madhurima has contributed to Data Analytics and R&D teams, reflecting a data-centric approach, innovative problem-solving skills, and a strong focus on teamwork. Madhurima's expertise lies in Time Series Forecasting, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing, making her a valuable asset in modern data-driven research. Madhurima is a detail-driven Data Scientist with a strong expertise in Statistical Machine Learning and Deep Learning, committed to addressing intricate data problems.


Machine Learning · Python Programming · R Programming · · Econometrics · Quantitative Analysis · Statistics ·Time series · Research Publication 

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